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Q. When is the quietest time to visit at the weekend?
A. The weekend and holidays are very popular and time restrictions may apply. To
get the most out of your visit why not make it an early start or a teatime visit?
11am until 3.30pm tend to be the busiest times.
Q. What should my children wear on the equipment?
A. We always recommend that children come ready to play dressed with long
sleeved tops that can tuck in, long trousers and socks. Football shirts and other items of clothing that are made from man made fibres are not recommended and will prevent children from using some of the attractions within Astrabound.
Q. Can adults enter the play frame?
A. We have facilities designed for the 0 to 12 year olds, adults can enter the play frame to supervise the children but cannot ‘play’ on the equipment. Our rules strictly forbid adults using the slides in play sessions open to the general public, this is best practice within the play industry to avoid collisions.
Q. What is the age range at Astrabound?
A. We have facilities designed for the 0 to 12 year olds but older children are welcome too and can act as Carers but cannot play on the equipment.
Q. Is it easy to park?
A. Yes. Astrabound has its own dedicated free parking area. At busy times there is overflow street parking and the Wheatley Retail Park is situation on Wheatley Hall Road some 200 yards from Astrabound with masses of free parking allowing you to do some retail therapy after your visit.
Q. Can I give my Annual Pass to someone else so they can enter the facility?
A. T&C’s state: ‘Annual Passes’ are not transferable. Any misuse of the pass
(including another person using your card) will result in confiscation without
compensation and refused entry for that person
Q. Why do I have to complete a registration form, do you need my full details,
can’t I just give my mobile number?
A. This is a requirement imposed upon us by our Public Liability insurers
for safety and security reasons for children and parents / guardians.
Q. Why can’t an older sibling supervise a younger child in the toddler area?
A. Astrabound has dedicated areas for juniors, toddlers and babies to ensure all age groups are comfortable and confident whilst in the facility. We do not allow children above the age of 5 years into the toddlers area, even if they are merely supervising because other children see them and have a tendency to enter the area as well.
Q. Why can’t we pop out and come back in?
A. The child/children remain the responsibility of the parents/guardian at all
times whilst in Astrabound and cannot be left unsupervised on the premises.
Q. Can I bring my own food and do you have a picnic area?
A. Unfortunately not. We have gone to the trouble of becoming a licensed
Café and as such have to adhere to strict regulations laid down by the
Health & Safety Executive. These regulations do not permit members of the public to bring food and only food prepared on the premises can be consumed on the premises. The one exception to this is baby food. We
do not have any allocated area on our premise for picnics and you will be
asked to put your food away or leave the premises to eat it. We do not
allow re-entry.
Q. Can my children get out, are they safe?
A. All parents have to register themselves and their children as they enter
Astrabound. Customers enter through a controlled gate entrance. On exit
all guests leave via a controlled exit gate operated by a member of the
Astrabound Team.
Q. Am I allowed to take photos or video footage of my children?
A. There is no law that prevents you taking images of your own children, but
you will have to be mindful of other customer’s children and their privacy. We
do not allow customers to take general shots of the facility only close ups of
their kin.
Q. What time is the last admission?
A. We allow admission up to the final hour before we close.
Q. Are there any additional costs?
A. Your admission fee covers your entry and use of all facilities.
Q. How long can we stay?
A. The admission prices are for a 2 hour stay at Astrabound. During quieter
periods, you will not be asked to leave after your 2 hours has expired, but
this is strictly at the discretion of the management.
Q. Are you easily accessible by public transport?
A.  Yes. Astrabound is situated on Crompton Road just off Wheatley Hall Road approx 2 miles from Doncaster town centre, Number 76 is a regular bus service that travels from the Frenchgate Interchange to within easy walking distance of Astrabound